Travertine Alabastrino, Roman Travertine Alabastrino


The Travertine Alabastrino is a type of clear Roman Travertine, including the warm tonalities, with an undulated sketch (plot). The structure of the Travertine Alabastrino is homogeneous and compact, it doesn’t have generally pore or important hollow and it lends you to various uses, it can be used alone or with other types of travertine and marbles.


The Travertine Alabastrino, it is a travertine that finds notable applications in the world of the housebuilding: often with it, the realization of floors and covering, both for inside or external, or to realize inside as staircases, floors, sinks, kitchens. Its warm tonalities, easily make it combinable to other types of travertine and marble
The images of Travertine Alabastrino on this page are indicative, as it is a natural material, it can have color variations.
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Quarry of Tivoli, Rome


Clear with undulated sketch



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Travertine, Roman Travertine

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